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As of Oct 2023

The Rules

As with any material we choose to recycle, there are a few rules.

Special Note for Food Service Foam

***Take all CLEAN food service foam to a local Publix supermarket!!***

Styrofoam IS recyclable!

Densifier at Work

Video of process.

Where do I recycle outside of WNC?

Check to see where to recycle EPS, Styrofoam, #6 plastic in your area.

About Me

Feed Me Foam, LLC is a mobile foam recycling platform located near Asheville, NC.
Using a foam densifier mounted inside a 16-foot box truck, Feed Me Foam makes it easy to divert (styro)foam from our landfills!

EPS - Styrofoam Recycler

Keeping Styrofoam OUT of our landfills!

Foam Explained

What is Styrofoam?

Styrofoam is Expanded Polystyrene or EPS. Styrofoam is a trademarked name of the Dow Chemical Corporation. Calling EPS Styrofoam is like calling a tissue a Kleenex or an adhesive bandage a Band-Aid. EPS is simply plastic. It is a very useful plastic in that it is very light and can be easily melted into any shape to protects things like our TVs and lamps!

Why should I recycle Styrofoam?

Styrofoam should be recycled because it does not degrade in our landfills.

What is Feed Me Foam?

Feed Me Foam is a mobile EPS, aka Styrofoam processer. Basically, I drive a 16-foot-long box truck with the densifier mounted inside of it to YOU and densify the EPS you would otherwise throw in the trash, on site!

Why choose Feed Me Foam?

To keep EPS/Styrofoam OUT of our landfills where it will stay there for 500 or more years! That's not a typo! Styrofoam which is a type of plastic does NOT degrade or simply go away!

Who should use Feed Me Foam?

Sustainable minded citizens who want to help keep our planet healthy!

Sustainable minded businesses who want to do the same and at a lower cost than paying for trash removal!

Densifier at Work

Five cubic yards of EPS can be densified into about the size of two shoe boxes!

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